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Drafting my way to a collection.

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Welcome to my first This Day Studio Blog!


I thought it was about time that I added a blog to the website where I can take you behind the scenes in more detail whilst creating a diary of building a collection, and business and possibly losing some marbles along the way.

I'm Debbie, I'm the founder of This Day Studio, an atelier set in the heart of Hull Old town inside the beautiful Danish Buildings. I set up the space to work with designer wedding dresses in getting them to fit just right for the big day, the space is evolving already but most importantly it is going to be a home for my debut bridal brand that I'm currently working on.

Let's take it back.

Let's take a walk down memory lane. Where to start?!

After studying Art, Design & Textiles at Wilberforce College I went on to complete my Foundations degree in Art Design with a specialist focus in Fashion at Hull College, from there I went on to The University of Huddersfield to gain my 1st BA HONS Degree in Fashion Design with Manufacture, Marketing & Promotions.

I specialized within manufacture on my degree as I love the whole process of engineering a design from start to finish. Whilst on my degree I interned at Paul Smith & Alice Temperley - I was offered to intern at Anna Sui New York too but sadly had to turn it down as Money doesn't grow on trees I discovered!

Fast forward a lot, as the in-between of work history are separate blogs in themselves- basically a brand, freelancing, corporate clothing, PPE, and a brand in-between then and now. Shall I call that blog 2?

After creating my best friend's wedding dress some years ago the idea of creating my own bridal brand has sat there ever since, ideas of designs would always pop up in my head, even photoshoots. So it sat there festering away. I remember listening to an Elizabeth Stiles podcast, The Fashion brand Clinic, Claire from Archive 12 was a guest on episode 45, I wrote on her feed after listening to it about this idea I'd always had and her response was ' If it's in your head it's there for a reason. That little sentence repeatedly went around in my head, and it still does. Sign 1*.

Why didn't I go straight for it then? Maybe that is blog post 3 too!

So fast forward a bit and after talking about this idea for a while, probably making up some excuses about when I will, truth be told I was only just finding myself again after having a daughter, juggling work which by the way I loved in most parts as was doing work with products, sustainability, and textiles in general...however I was feeling like I was wasting my skills and my hands were just stiffening up not doing what they were meant to do, which was working with fabric & bodies! I was falling back in love with something that I had fallen out of love with ages ago which was designing and creating to the best of my ability.

So, let's jump forward a bit again- as I'm not here to write my memoir for you- to last year when Katy at Ghost Orchid needed some help as her seamstress had got covid, she was fine thankfully and now were friends. I'd got talking to Katy after using her space for a photo shoot earlier in the year and had loved what she had created for the area for modern brides so I helped her out. I remember having chats with Katy and again I'd discuss this idea I had and remember her distinctly asking, so what's stopping you from doing it? Myself clearly.

The timing of things was just the extra little sign I needed to seal the deal in making me realize what I was missing. Working with people, fabrics, and creating in a practical sense. Sign 2*.

So things just snowballed from there. Whilst getting my hair done at Clay down the road from me, my friend suggests the Danish Buildings as a studio base. One of the family members who own the building was a client of hers so she text her to see if there were any spaces to rent, there were. Sign 3*

After a few emails, visits, and signing some papers, Studio 1 was mine. It's felt like home since day 1 of walking in there and I felt it was right.

* Little signs from the universe always appear.

To wrap it up as this isn't an Oscar speech.

If covid didn't teach you that the world can stop within a day, things can change, be paused, events can happen that alter your life, that you really don't know what's around the corner, then it should have.

Take the risk, don't sit on an idea and just run with it. I have. Nothing is guaranteed and there is no point in living with regret about not trying something for fear of judgment, failing, or living up to expectations. I'm beyond grateful for the people I've had through my doors this year, the opportunities that have come and those that will continue to come this coming year, along with all of the amazing new connections I have made through taking a leap this year and my network I've been building because of it which is fully of INCREDIBLE women!

I only have one regret in life.

I missed Beyonce playing at Glastonbury as I was working on a start-up label with a business partner and felt I couldn't take time off to attend it. All my doing. I then happened to go on holiday a few months later. My biggest regret ever is to miss that set in real life! ...I've seen her many times but this still cuts deep! :) so YOLO!

...if you want to be updated when I post a new blog just hit the subscribe box below

and if you got this far then you're a legend and I'm throwing lots of gratitude your way.



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