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Sizing + Measurement guide 

Unsure of which points to measure when you're confirming your purchase? 

See below guides for help. 

Here's your bootylicious guide on where to get those digits from to ensure you're selecting the right base size for your piece. 

See the size chart below and refer to additional points when discussing bespoke sizing on your order. 

Let's get you fitting in your gloves perfectly. 

All glove sizes are set to basic size blocks of XS/ S/ M ..and so on- there's no limit on sizing so don't worry there!

Once your have your size guide please take your measurements from the points marked Wrist, Elbow + Bicep which will determine what size you will be.

All of the capes are made to a set size chart and will need altering to tailor to your shoulder fit and ideal finished length. To see which size you fit into please see measurement points here. The lengths come in standard petite , regular, tall lengths so that your'e not having too waste too much fabric when getting your ideal finished length. 

Size chart.jpg

Use this size chart to find which size best 

fits, items will need to be tailored to your 

needs with a local seamstress. 

Drop me an email if you need some

guidance or requests. 

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