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Okay, Where did that month go?!

A month has lapsed almost since another epic show and what a beauty it was!

Photographer: @roots.and.tales

Last Month saw me attend The Un Wedding show in Sheffield for the second time.

I was super excited to be amongst brides to be whilst getting to network with some incredible people in the industry along with getting to see some familiar faces from the previous show too! Fair Friends reunited!

Photographer: @roots.and.tales

Music : @HiJackHorns

Headwear: @Houseofhersee

It was a day full of amazing energy to soak up and have a little boogie to whilst there was live music too!

Photography: @danchapmanphotouk

Streamers: @streamadelica_uk

Portrait Booth: @rubbishportraits

Banners: @taracollette

Was I more prepared this time around than last September? Yes and No!

The yes part is being it was my second event, I knew the score in setting up as I took the same stand as the last show, I remembered to set up in my casual clothes and change and most importantly I remembered to leave the Ivy Park trainers at home as they shredded my feet last time!

I was more in my flow of not feeling the imposter syndrome, chatting away to people and just welcoming you to my little space filled with sequins, pearls, and hearts. I had more pieces with me to talk to you about and overall I felt great about the day and all of the amazing people I chatted to.

Photography: @roots.and.tales

So what's the no part I hear you say? Well... once again I took a working sample from the collection when I'd hoped of taking pristinely finished pieces. Did anyone notice? No, so why mention it? Because let's just be realistic that time scales and lead times get pushed out when you juggle things, maybe questioning yourself a million times and then you get your big flow of creativity about a couple of days before a show, that's why!

It's by no means a straight road of pure joy when creating something like working on a range to release, as that little iPhone that stores all of your comparison fears, insecurities, and self-doubt can unleash them all the second you open an app and it can slow down your process.

However.. and I say a big, however! It was a bloody gorgeous day to be had and I walked away with so much gratitude for all of the amazing people I spoke to about the pieces I took and my concept behind my bridal range, so if you're reading this and one of them was you, thank you!!

Let's talk about the sequin working progress pieces first, SO many of you loved this which was a joy to see, as I said at the show there's simplicity to some of the collection and modern touches with the use of a luxe sequin fabric on a classic cut shape- I'm not here to be all bells and whistles huge bridal pieces-there are plenty of incredible designers filling that space up beautifully. I'm here to be circular and not add to the textile waste problem we have right now amongst climate change, I'm here to approach bridal differently.

Stay tuned as I take these pieces to socials to talk through the tweaks and developments of the sample until it is all perfectly finished!

Adding fun to bridal were my embellished collars, a total contrast to some of the pieces of the main range I'm working on but some pure bridal fun! If you're adding them to a shirt look for a hen do or pre-wedding meal the collars are full of hand appliqued flowers with a mix-up of fastenings to make them work in a few for you. Adding a little bit of fashion fun into bridal but ultimately making some fun accessories to be encouraged to be worn again- so even if you're not a bride wanting them keep watching out for future emails dropping on these!

Photography: @roots.and.tales

As for the pearl numbers..oh my little pearly queens!

The shirt sleeve went down a storm, everyone loved the extended cuff featured which is perfectly engineered by a little pattern-cutting trick of mine. They're great and I will be doing a 2nd version of these this coming both will be available to buy VERY shortly.

On to the cape. ..The Ivory sample came to the last show which everyone loved then- admittedly the ivory was ready as I ordered in the wrong shade so I had to wait for my new delivery of fabric which didn't arrive in time for the show. Attendees loved it then so I knew I was on to something!

Taking the white was a winner, EVERYONE who came to stand was wanting a piece which brought me pure joy!! SO MUCH JOY! As the main ethos behind my range is to be worn again I had one lady ask, where would I wear it again? ...a response of heading to a festival and wearing it there was my first answer as that's exactly what I would be doing if the tickets gods graced me with a pair of Glastonbury tickets, I'd wear the pearly cape and run wild in the field with it - spilling my beer of course! But the point is anything can be re-worn again, it's you who decides when and where- just re-wear things!

So overall it was a great day to be a part of, the show is so much fun and I'm really enjoying seeing things evolve within the Un Wedding Space and I'm super looking forward to getting myself to a few others around the country at some point too- except ensuring I am WAY more organized with the collection pieces.

Here's Rebecca from I Just Called to Say summing up exactly how I felt after being around everyone this day!

Photography : @danchapmanphotouk

Image: Rebecca from @ijustcalledtosay.agb

You can read more about the event and find out all the suppliers details over on The Un-Wedding Show.

Until Next time..


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