Our Story

We're taking a new approach to bridal by creating timeless pieces which can be reworked into your wardrobe, bringing new life to your wedding dress and forever evoking the memory of your special day when slipped back on in its new form. 


Created by

A friends gift and a pandemic.

Debbie is an award winning designer with a background in Fashion Design, Marketing & Manufacture with a keen interest in Sustainability.

After designing and producing a wedding dress for her best friend back in 2016 the idea of creating her own Bridal label sat quietly until 2021 when she was asked to help out with some bridal fittings for a local boutique. 

Working closely with the brides to be reignited her love of working with fabric and the body, the old school way of dress making, which made her fall in love with Fashion in the first place. The days of the Ateliers. 

And so this new chapter was born. 

Our Approach

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

This Day Studio aims to create fashion led bridal wear that isn't destined to sit in your wardrobe and collect dust. We consider what's next for your dress right at the start of the design process, changing the thinking of  bridal wear being for one day only, where's the sense in that? 

The atelier invites you to come back and rethink your dress. Dye it, re work it, invest in it further to be enjoyed on many more special occasions. 


Our Vision 

The experience doesn't stop at the boutique..

Step inside and experience the workings of an atelier, be invited to carry on your journey in making the outfit fit just right for the big day whilst enjoying a Prosecco or herbal tea in a beautiful space to share with your bridal party. A one on one service for alterations, bespoke bridal and much more.