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Up Cycle your wedding look!

So you’ve had your big day, said I do and then What’s happening to that amazing wedding look you choose for the day? I’m going to take a guess, it’s been dry cleaned, wrapped up and put away in the box? Or you might be a rare one and you’ve sold it on- if so, well done you! I hope the sale brought you a new experience like a weekend away which you can cherish too.

Most brides I speak with in the studio either shudder at the thought of separating themselves from the dress or are pleasantly surprised about the after thought of it as its not something they ever thought about. And why would you? When your buying the dress or a two piece or what ever you may choose, your only thinking about it in a single use manner, for that one day only. Which when we think about it is pretty insane, especially when we use the ‘price per wear’ break down when investing in something that’s out of our usually spending habits.

Some people hope to be able to pass it down to someone in the future, I get that, but we all know that who ever that may be will have their own tastes as were all individual – unless your mum is Kate Moss that is, I’m sure Lila is taking every single hand me down from her, I know I would be including her bridal look! Take a look here..

Image via @pinterest

But seriously, the most precious thing is that you’ve had your day you wanted, in the chosen bridal look in the venue you wanted, food you ate surrounded by the people you wanted to be a part of it with. The pictures are there to cement it all too forever into your memory, so we sentence the dress to death by putting it in storage. Are you ever going to get it out again? I guarantee that if you do and you attempt to try it on you will be led to disappointment as it will no longer fit as you probably did an insane diet/ workout to look your slimmest for the big day.

It’s a significant item of clothing which will be an anchor point for a moment in time for your life, you might have 2 or 3 of those throughout your life if things don’t work out - I’m here to be real as life isn’t all fairly tales and lucky for you if so as that means a few chances at trying different bridal styles!

Anyways back to it, if you’ve had the best day of your life in a piece of clothing- then why not wear it again to feel truly amazing in another way? We all pick up our jewellery that we might of had passed down and feel a bit of warmth knowing it was from a loved one and now sits with us, so do that with your dress.

Cut it up, dye it, re work it into a new piece that is you and can be worn again so that when you slip it on you know its from a day that means a lot to you. We know as women we forever ask – oooh that’s nice where’s it from? Now imagine the answer and look when you say- my wedding dress!! Anything can be dyed, Ritdye provide a great portfolio of dyes for natural and synthetic fabric in a huge colour spectrum to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about it staying white.

A great example of taking bridal and turning into something new is a look at Harris Reeds Collection , Found which was created by purchasing clothing from Oxfam's collection, just look at some of these creations, stunning! Okay, they're Demi- couture so a bit more then your average everyday look but you get where I'm going with this.

Images via Harris Reed

If your struggling to think, what could I make? Just head to your wardrobe, find some of your favourite styles that have been in there forever and start from there. Keep it simple and keep it you. Be excited about this next chapter of the dress and let its story live on in your wardrobe even longer than just one day!

So, if you’re reading this and thinking, pass me the scissors then I’m super pleased for you! The studio doors are always open to rework your bridal look, so book yourself in and give that item a new lease of life!

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