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Body Issues

No matter our body size, small or big they are there.

I touched on this ever so slightly in my previous blog, when talking with brides about their body issues, now don't get me wrong you will also hear me discuss mine as I'm still left with Dolly Parton-size boobs after my daughter which I hate, but I'm blown away by just how much we scrutinize our bodies.

Sometimes it's one of the saddest things to hear when a bride doesn't feel happy still within her body yet she is standing there looking like a million dollars to me, in an incredible wedding dress ready for her special day. I know no matter how many external compliments we might receive we can be our own worst critics.

I get it too, your wedding photos are the ones to last a lifetime so you want to look you're very best, you've also spent the most money ever on a wedding dress and want to look perfect in it.. but criticizing yourself for one day and a few images isn't worth it.

I have heard the same complaints from a size 4 upwards in the studio, its decades of companies drawing up their marketing campaigns of how a woman's body should look, glamorizing certain shapes and flawless skins -thank the phone filters for that too!

We want a smaller bum, bigger bum, no hip dips, no belly pouch, bigger boobs, less boob, less back fat the list goes on.

Let's recap below on what we've been made to ' attain to look like '

Alex Light pulled together this image to showcase just how much our body has been made to achieve different looks and this isn't even going back to the corsetry era!

It's mental really how only we women have been subjected to this and I'm not being sexist I know Men have their body issues too but let's face it, they haven't been told to change their body shapes over the decades have they? I think the only thing they get told what to change is the hair on their face!

I'm a big supporter of doing anything to make yourself feel better, whether that's down to external features or internal issues. If it is to lose weight then do it for yourself and not for one day as how many miserable days might you have had leading up to that day to try to achieve your dream wieght if you can't even enjoy the food on the day you've paid for, for fear of having a stomach on your wedding photos.

The person marrying you loves you for who you are, so try not to lose that when aiming for shapes and sizes the media put out to us.

Dance in your dress, laugh with loved ones and eat the cake!!



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