Studio Services 

Here at This Day Studio we appreciate the planet. Let's make things fit better, be cared for longer, become a part of you and approach bridal differently.

Let's create just for you

Let the atelier work for you, the following changes can be applied to your TDS items.

£150 for a reduction/ increase in key areas bust/ waist/ hip/ bicep/ length

£350 Semi bespoke for your exact sizing, includes a measuring appointment , 1 fitting session and pick up. 

£100 per design change for fabrics & style element's on main line collections. 

Keen on making your own items at home but not too sure on pattern making? Come into the studio and we can create your very own body blocks for you so you can create the wardrobe you want.

Starting from £200 which includes measuring appointments and a fit session we can draft you your pattern blocks to take away and use at home.


Let's Work Together