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Made to Order 

Everything here at This Day Studio is made to order. 

Below you will find a selection of services that I offer to help all of you bride babes out there struggling to find 'The One ' after the real one put a ring on it. 

If you like what you're reading below, contact to schedule in your free 30 minute call to discuss the process. 


Bespoke Bridal Design 

You have your own vision, your own style and identity you want to shine through on your big day that just isn't out there. This service will bring it to life. 

1.5 hour Bespoke Bridal Consultation to discuss your vision and find out all about you, your style and your big day. This session includes before prep of discussing your idea images  , fabrics you're liking and you're overall wedding vision.

During this session we'll collaborate on  ideas, your must haves and absolute no's, in this session I'll sketch out an initial design  and start to bring your ideal wedding look to life. 

After our session and your nominated fabrics are chosen I'll create a digital drawing ahead of work commencing. 

All design rights remain that of This Day Studio Ltd

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Semi Bespoke Bridal Design

You're the style savvy bride who knows exactly what she wants and already has her mood-board in place , the ideal look and just needs it bringing to life! This service is for you !


The only design input will come in the support of advising on fabrics and sourcing for you. This service includes the full steps of creating your dream piece exactly how you want it. 


Bespoke Pattern Cutting services 

If you're wanting all of your bespoke items catered to every inch of your body then then this service is for you. 

Have your own blocks created tailored to your body measurements ensuring that any slow piece you purchase is made just to your digits. 

Blocks are yours to take away or retain within the studio. 

This is for me.

If you're wanting to know more, then get In touch and I'll be happy to chat how the processes work and get you booked in!

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