I'm always here to help with any questions you may have about your session with me or any of the services offered so, if in doubt just give me a shout. 

Do I have to have 3 sessions? 

No, at the first session if I feel we can get straight to work I will advice you so or if I feel we can do part work and part 2nd stage fittings then I will say also. 

What if I have less than 3 months to my wedding? 

Don't worry, I will do my best to fit you in if I can. I give a 3 month lead time to ensure all work is scheduled in advance allowing for any changes for both parties along the way- life happens and I can easily move appointments around. 

What if I'm planning to lose weight and want to wait for my session? 

Now this is a topic which comes up often, all brides look amazing and you shouldn't feel the need to lose any weight for your special day but, we are women so we want to feel at our best! I will always spread out the sessions allowing yourself the time you need to work towards a body goal you have. 

T&C / Studio Policy 

For all alterations services that take place within the studio are done so under excellent expertise and skillset, the studio works in stages with brides to ensure that we can manage each process in a smooth and simple way.