Make It Fit

You've found the dress, now it's time to make it fit you perfectly!


Achieving your perfect fit will be done in 3 fit sessions. Initial session will be to pin the dress in places requiring adjustments as we get the fit looking and feeling perfect for you.

At the second fit session you'll try on your dress after it's been hand stitched in places requiring attention, this will enable us to better visualise the fit and allow us to make any further changes. Once we're both happy you've achieved your perfect fit, cue the scissors! 

The final fit session is here, It's time to try on your dress one last time.

The changes have been made,  your dress is now fits perfectly and is ready for your big day. 

Fit sessions are charged at a standard £35 per hour excluding any alterations. Fit sessions can be accompanied by a maximum of 2 people.